[aprssig] Why do routes go very wrong?

Brian Webster bwebster at wirelessmapping.com
Fri Aug 13 07:49:49 CDT 2010

I think it is because the message routing will take the APRS-IS packets back
through the last I-Gate your most recent packet had been heard through. To
check this set your remote station to not have any path so that only your
home station is the last one to hear it. What is probably happening is the
path you use it getting digi'ed to another node and then being heard by
another I-gate right after your home station hears it. Meaning the remote
station is the last one to hear your packet. This makes sense because of the
time delay it takes for the multiple hops.

If your remote station is not a mobile one, you could set the path of that
station to use the actual call sign of the digi and/or home rather than the
generic wide calls to route your packets specifically where you want them to
go. This however would break if any one of those digis is not on the air.

Brian N2KGC

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Hello all:

My I-gate is ke6sls-3, my remote APRS unit is ke6sls-7.

Tonight I did a little APRS-IS message to my APRS remote (using openAPRS).  
Normally the test takes about 1 second, but not tonight.  Instead of APRS-IS
routing packets to my I-gate, they are being routing 110 miles north . .  My
I-gate only performs fill-in digi so none of the packets from the northern
station reach my remote.  I perform several more tests and after some time,
one packet makes it to MY I-gate from the APRS-IS server and is immediately
ack'd from my remote via my I-gate.

I conduct several more tests only to find that again, APRS-IS is routing the
packets to the wrong gate.  Minutes later, one or two packets (out of many)
are routed to my I-gate and then immediately ack'd yet again.  I'm attaching
my rf-log so you can see what my server sees.  My server is responding
correctly to each of the packets received from either APRS-IS or RF.

I'm completely stumped--it's like the northern station has somehow hijacked
routing--though that is plain silly, but still--why is this errornous
routing taking place?

Then there is the question of why the station "n6nar" is involved in the
digi route.  I must be missing something obvious here but I'm sure I don't
know what that something is.

What is happening here and what can I do to make sure routing is correct?

Thank you, 73

jaye, ke6sls

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