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While I AM an OTR driver, I'm only using UI-View at home. On the road, I use a HamHUD.

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  On 8/15/2010 5:51 PM, Arnie Shore wrote:
> This will/may sound a bit convoluted, but tain't really so:  I have some php 
> scripts that will do two things.
> Now how you can integrate this into, say, Xastir, is an interesting question.
> Background: I've written these for eventual use in the CAD package of mine, 
> which is on its way from Google's maps to OSM/OL.  So right now, it's a 
> 'local' web application, written in PHP.  "Local' means that while you don't 
> need an internet connection, you DO need the usual web engines, which are 
> readily installed via WAMP.  Or  LAMP.  Or MAMP.  Pieces of cake to install, 
> each.

The requirement is to integrate into a Windows-based program -- UI-View.    
This application has a unique specific interface and requirement for 
rectangular lat/long grid "non-projected" maps.   To make things worse, the 
program is an orphan - the author died in late 2004. At his request from his 
deathbed, the source code was destroyed.   There is a partly-documented API for 
adding plugins to the program.

Further, the original poster is a cross-country driver.  Caching terabytes of 
OSM images at numerous scales of the whole country for off-line use wouldn't be 
very practical.

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