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[aprssig] Clueless HF Beacon Received!

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 13 03:43:03 UTC 2010

He's not responding to messages either.

Yea.  A fill-in on HF!  For those places where the band is closed, I guess. (;-)

 73, Steve, K9DCI   USN (Vet) MOT (Ret) Ham (Yet)

--- Stephen H. Smith wrote:

>  I have been seeing this station turn
> up (direct) on my 30-meter HF receive setup in Los Angeles
> the last several nights.
> 19:59:41R ZS1TA-9>APRS,WIDE1-1,WIDE Port=2 <UI C
> Len=21>: /025932h/N at o&5bqKY[?_
> Assuming the beacon IS valid, he is a sailboat in the
> Pacific about 900 miles west of the coast of Ecuador.
> [ Time is local time Pacific Daylight Time.  VOAprop
> DOES suggest that 30 meters should be reasonably open to
> that part of the world from here at this time.]
> 1)    What is he doing expecting the path with
> WIDEn-N to do on HF???
> 2)    I wonder how many local WIDE1-1 fill-in
> digis he is encountering on the high seas of the Pacific?
> --
> Stephen H. Smith    wa8lmf (at) aol.com


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