[aprssig] SKY1 - callsign? Wayne County, Ohio.

Jonathan Reid jonathan.e.reid at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 10:27:36 CDT 2010

As an airport of a medium-size general aviation airport, I can say that
perhaps the best way to handle this is for someone to write/call the airport
manager pointing out the alleged violation and let him/her handle it
directly with the aircraft operator.  Airport Managers usually are pretty
knowledgeable about things like radio interference (think ELT) and are a
pretty conservative group when it comes to obeying the letter and the spirit
of the law.  If they get a communication from an an OO or a respected member
of the amateur community, they will act, especially if assistance is

The pilot community does a good job (for the most part) of self-policing.
If it is an operator who is ignorant of utilizing unlicensed frequencies
that just needs to be educated, he/she will probably listen to airport
management.  If it is an operator who is blatantly violating rules, then
that will be more challenging.

My point is to attempt to work with airport management.  We're actually a
good group of people, and we are used to be inspected and questioned by a
lot of different agencies and individuals.

Jonathan Reid
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