[aprssig] Snow and Visibility on APRS

Gerry Creager gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Thu Aug 19 19:43:51 CDT 2010

Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> As I recall the 's' field for snow is overloaded with another
> 's'
>> field for something else, solar index perhaps?  While you're
> in
>> there looking at this stuff, perhaps you could fix that up
> too?
> The other "s" is for wind speed in the usless positionless
> weather report format used by WinAPRS which was always an
> anathma to APRS.  It makes no sense to have a weather report
> without konwing where the report IS...
> So there is no conflict.  If one wants to transmt a snow report,
> then don't use WinAPRS format and use the "complete" format
> instead.

It would be real nice to see precision addressed appropriately for 
meteorological observations... TTT.t, for example, PPPP.pp, wind which 
could be reported in knots or meters/sec, with at least SSS.s precision.

That's on my wishlist.
gerry n5jxs

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