[aprssig] Net14 + GMSK250

G0JXN Jim g0jxn.jim at ntlworld.com
Fri Aug 20 07:21:02 CDT 2010

Hi Guys


When Chris, G4HYG, launched APRS-Messenger with PSK63 several Net14 members experimented with the mode along side 300bd APRs on 14.103 MHz but generally found that it was prone to errors and showed little or no advantage over 300bd APRS. Chris has now introduced GMSK250 into APRS Messenger which seems to have good APRS DX potential. It has a wider bandwidth than PSK63 but is much faster which reduces the chances of data collisions and problems from QRM/QRN that we experience on HF SSB.


Some Net14 members are experimenting with the mode and you are invited to join in. For setup details go to www.net14.org.uk on the Net14 & Net28 + GMSK page.




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