[aprssig] APRS Forum this weekend at Huntsville Hamfest

Tim Cunningham tim_cunningham at charter.net
Fri Aug 20 08:03:35 CDT 2010

The Huntsville Hamfest (Southeastern Division Convention) is here!

Where is it:

Huntsville, Alabama

South Hall at the Von Braun Civic Center

Both the Dealer Show and Flea Market will be together in the same air 
conditioned building in the South Hall this year

Forum Room #2 Embassy Suites Hotel.

These rooms are easily accessed using the enclosed bridge to the Embassy 
Suites hotel. They are on the second floor (bridge level). There will be 


When is it:

Saturday 21-AUG-2010 @ 1:00pm CDST


What is it:

APRS Forum

- “Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) in the real world where 
Knowledge is Power”

Dive into the technology of knowledge and discover the power of the 
Automatic Packet Reporting System using real time information. You will 
learn the basics of APRS and learn how this invaluable tool may one day be 
the tool that helps you avoid danger, especially during severe weather. 
Learn how Homeland Security Grants have funded the APRS Weather Network in 
North Alabama and facilitated APRS network expansion. If you thought APRS 
was a simple position reporting system, this forum will expand your 
knowledge in some of the most useful tactical capabilities for SKYWARN, NWS 
bulletins, Balloon Chasing, Marathon Races, Search and Rescue, remote data 
monitoring, Satellite Communications, and much more…


Who is going to do it:

Tim Cunningham, N8DEU, (HUNTSPAC Chairman and AMSAT Area Coordinator)

For more details, please visit www.hamfest.org




Tim - N8DEU

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