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[aprssig] SKY1 - callsign? Wayne County, Ohio.

Robert Kirk isobar at verizon.net
Fri Aug 20 14:07:40 UTC 2010

The north pole, etc positions are obviously someone fooling with the data, 
but the Oklahoma position looks real, as it's on a small plane taxiway at a 
local airport. The Ohio ones look real, too, and are apparantly from a 
different plane.

Bob Kirk

At 09:54 PM 8/19/2010, John Gleichweit wrote:
>The current altitude shows a glitch of some kind, and the speed, course and
>altitude have been constant since (roughly) 2010-08-19-2300z. There's also a
>glitch that shows a position over the North Pole, and the Oklahoma positions
>also seem to be part of that glitch. If it's not a glitch, it could be 
>fooling with the data.
>The poreps since 2331z have all been through N5CAT-12, which is shown as 
>in SoCal. I have a hard time believing that this station is picking up an FM
>signal from that distance, and none of the "local" APRS-IS injection 
>points are
>picking it up.

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