[aprssig] New TH-D72 tips?

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Dec 5 10:43:50 CST 2010

Found these neat features that are different from the D7:

1) MENU KEY:  The MENU key has separate sub-MENU's depending on the page you are on.  For example, on the STATION list, pressing MENU lets you:  TUNE, SORT or FILTER.  On the MSG-LIST the MENU key is where you begin for MSG functions: Send (TX now) REPLY, NEW, RE-TX, POSITION, POS-REQ, UNREAD.

2) LIST KEY:  Press and HOLD the LIST key to cycle thorough different LIST formats:
  3 lines of big font calls only
  5 lines of small font, calls and station type
  5 lines of small font, calls and TIME (&F)
The (&F) means that the station has included his FREQUENCY in his beacon.  You can either select it to see his frquency or just hit the MENU-TUNE button and you QSY anyway.

3) PF KEY:  If the cursor is on band B, you can instantly get to VHF NOAA weather radio py pressing PF key.  When done, press VFO or MEM key to return to ham radio.

4) MARK KEY:  Like any GPS, this lets you mark your current location with a name and to save it.  You can also save it to the TARGET list and have the radio give you direction and distance.  This is a whole new dimension of capabiltiy I have not yet fully explored.  Wouldnt it be neat if someday this can be used to transmit an object!

5) GPS is working now indoors on 2nd floor of my house

Day 1 and still playing...


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