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[aprssig] TH-D72 Manuals -- Quick First Viewing

Mike Edwards medwardsz28 at cfl.rr.com
Wed Dec 1 12:07:39 UTC 2010

> 3)   Antenna fitting is a GIANT STEP BACKWARDS from the pain-in-the-neck 
> SMA connector on the TH-D7.  The stubby antenna (a.k.a. a badly-shielded 
> dummy load) has a threaded FEMALE fitting on it's bottom that screws down 
> onto a MALE threaded stud recessed in the antenna connector on the radio 
> chassis.

Stephen, look at this picture from the HRO website:

Looks to me like it's still SMA, just recessed into the plastic a bit. 
Probably because the plastic on the top of the radio is covering the GPS 
antenna. I don't see why you couldn't get a SMA to BNC adapter on there, it 
just might be a little tricky to get the nut fully threaded on.


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