[aprssig] Mobile non-RF beacon rate?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Dec 7 03:14:51 CST 2010

> What sort of beacon rate is considered acceptable into 
> APRS-IS, from mobile-but-non-RF clients?
> ... but it would be poor practice to beacon too 
> frequently into APRS-IS.  What's considered a proper rate?  

My opinion?  Depends on what he is doing.
If not moving: once every 10 minutes (The standard no-hop rate)
If Moving:
   If an event or something of interest to others:  1 minute
   If commuting and doing nothing special: 2 or 3 minutes

Remember, there are 40,000+ APRS users.  That's a lot of packets
per minute if everyone was on the road.   

Given an average commute of an hour, and APRS users spread out
over maybe 10 time zones and half of them just WX stations or
DIGIS, then that's about 2000 per minute?  Just guessing here...


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