[aprssig] Windows Igate software for 9k6 stream?

Derek Love DLove at app-tech.co.uk
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I'm interested to know how much of the capacity of the 9k6 is taken up with
message content and how much with TxDelay's? From other comments on the
list, it seems that the higher speed of the 9k6 is largely negated by using
TxDelays that are longer than the actual message content - or have I got

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I have been running with limits set to 0 and a range of 500 km (311
mile) as a test and so far I have the following observations:
number of stations on the aprs-is aprox 1100
channel occupation with 9k6 aprox 50 to 70%
The frequentie used is 430.5125 this is the dutch 70cm aprs frequentie
that in my tx range has become unused because our novice opperators what
this frequentie was set up for have gained access to the whole 2 meter
and 70 cm bands and nolonger need 70 cm for access freeing it up for
aprs experiments like this.
probably should do an analis on the frame rate and payload size but the
main goal of the experiment has proven itself, 9k6 is perfectly usable
to stream a 500 km radius of the aprs-is to rf, at least in europe, the
radius would probably have to be smaller if you are in a very densly
used aprs area.

73 de Andre PE1RDW

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