[aprssig] Windows Igate software for 9k6 stream?

Andre v Schaijk aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Tue Dec 7 06:29:51 CST 2010

Op 7-12-2010 13:08, Derek Love schreef:
> I'm interested to know how much of the capacity of the 9k6 is taken up with
> message content and how much with TxDelay's? From other comments on the
> list, it seems that the higher speed of the 9k6 is largely negated by using
> TxDelays that are longer than the actual message content - or have I got
> confused?
> Derek Love, Applied Technology UK
> +44 1749 881130
In my case the txd is of little importance because I'm streaming from 
internet but a purpose designed 9k6 transiever can have a txd of under 
10 ms, most mobile 9k6 capable radios usualy can go down to 100 ms or 
even less, the real problem is with people not caring about the txd and 
leaving it at the defaul 350 ms.
With that in mind the smartest use of 9k6 aprs is combining several 1k2 
inputs, I think bob calls this the super lan concept.
this is very easy to setup with digisoftware like digined, normaly the 
digi only sends everything it picks up on the 1k2 channels to 9k6 in 
bursts but not the other way around unless the specific digi is used. 
fixed stations would transmit on 1k2 and listen on 9k6 and 1k2, mobile 
stations use the 1k2 channels like normal.

The bursting and only digis transmitting on 9k6 will ensure the txd 
problem is minimal

73 de Andre PE1RDW

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