[aprssig] D72 TXD delay TX test

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Dec 7 15:43:43 CST 2010

>> I'm interested to know how much of the capacity 
>> of the 9k6 is taken up with message content 
>> and how much with TxDelay's? 

On a tangential item, the new TH-D72 HT defaults to 200ms at
1200 baud and Kenwood did not recommend going shorter.  It has
settings for 150 and 100 ms..  Lemme do a test.  Hold on.  

Here is what I got Transmitting from D72 to an old D700 with
external KPC-9612:

1200 baud to KPC-9612 *not* 100% at 150 ms and below
1200 baud to D700 internal  100% at 100ms 
9600 baud to KPC-9612 got   100% at 100 ms 
9600 baud to D700 internal  100% at 100ms 

Test was HT in basement on 0.05 watts through industrial
building to sat antenna on roof.   More testing with other
combinatinos would be warranted, including how fast the D72 can

TOO MANY APRS DIGIS have absurd 300 and 500 ms delays!

Bob, Wb4APR

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