[aprssig] [amsat-bb] TH-D72A for satellites (and everything else)

Andre v Schaijk aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Tue Dec 7 15:56:35 CST 2010

> So true. Even the POSITION folks don't get it.  APRS was NEVER
> for maintaing accurate TRACKS on people.  There is NO WAY for
> 400 local commuters to share a single 1200 baud channel, NOT
> EVEN 10.  The point of APRS POSITIONS is simply for showing
> WHERE someone is in the APRS network for the purpose of
> But all those trackers, and egos and high rates and
> peg-every-turn applications kill the channel for everyone else.
> Sure, high rate tracking has a value at special events.  BUT NOT
> Spread the word!
> Bob, WB4APR
If people want to use APRS for high rate tracking and 1 1k2 channel can 
not handle it then just use more then 1 channel bundeling them to 9k6, I 
suspect for this application one 9k6 channel can handle 16 1k2 inputs 
especialy as in this case only the digipeater needs to transmit on the 
9k6 channel, the homefront can just listen to the 9k6 channel, they 
won't need to transmit because most of those highrate trackers are tx 
only anyway.

you could share the 9k6 channel with other digipeaters but they most 
likely would not need to pass eachothers trafic, the only reasons for 
having more then one digi for this application is to expand the rx 
range, the home stations should be able to recieve these digipeaters 
much further then a mobile tracker, heck taking collisions in account on 
the current 1k2 channel it would be much more effecient too then 
recieving the trackers trough one or more hops on .39.

73 de Andre PE1RDW

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