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[aprssig] DR135 digi?

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Fri Dec 3 04:47:21 UTC 2010

> If it is the stock EJ-41U TNC, it doesn't have a TNC function. It doesn't
> even make a good tracker. Pop the lid, yank the EJ-41U out of there and
> replace it with a T2-135 from Argent Data.

I agree.  =]

Also, the T2-135 seems to be one of the few things we have in stock 
right now!  A shipment of OT2m parts (mostly MX614's) seems to have been 
stolen on the way to the contract manufacturer.  It'll probably mean a 
delay of at least a week and a larger monetary hit than I like to think 

The good news is that I'm actually getting development work done these 
days.  Expect to see some cool new stuff at Dayton this year.


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