[aprssig] WinAPRS, NUVI 350 TM-D710 and GTRANS cable mobile

Kent Hufford khufford at atlanticbb.net
Fri Dec 10 13:46:58 CST 2010

I have a NUVI 350 working fine with a D710 and the GTRANS cable. It sends
data correct when the D710 is in APRS mode.


But, I when I add WinAPRS and a laptop to the mix, I cannot get the lat/long
from the D710 into the laptop and WinAPRS.


Yes, I put the D710 in TNC mode, and other stations are showing up on the
WinAPRS map. And if I put a fixed lat/long into WinAPRS and "send Position"
it will

send the fixed lat/long. 


But I cannot get the 350 lat/long into WinAPRS. Must be something simple,
but what?


Thanks in advance




khufford at atlanticbb.net

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