[aprssig] [TM-D710/TM-V71] Re: [tracker2] WinAPRS, NUVI 350 TM-D710 and GTRANS cable mobile

Kent Hufford khufford at atlanticbb.net
Fri Dec 10 16:50:06 CST 2010

Thanks for the info about APRS-ISCE/32.  I've played with it before. It's
the nite before I need to use APRS for an exercise, so I don't think I start
with another new APRS program right now.


If I have to, I'll just input the lat/long by hand. It's been awhile since I
have done this, but I thought I had before. I know UI-View has a script just
for D710's with a GPS.


"When the D710 is in TNC mode, it ignores the GPS." Yea, I would suppose so.
I just want the laptop to see the GPS, so it can send the data to the 710


Let me look around the shack... oh, here we are, the stack of
"registered/paid for APRS programs" for KQ4KK. I understand "active




UI-View 2.03






At least I don't own a SONY BetaMax.


I just want to put the Position in APRS by GPS. Guess Bob doesn't want me to
do the positioning part, but the information, communication part I will be
able to do<g>

Thank you for your help.





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On Fri, Dec 10, 2010 at 12:46 PM, Kent Hufford <khufford at atlanticbb.net
<mailto:khufford%40atlanticbb.net> > wrote:

> I have a NUVI 350 working fine with a D710 and the GTRANS cable.
> It sends data correct when the D710 is in APRS mode.
> But, I when I add WinAPRS and a laptop to the mix, I cannot get
> the lat/long from the D710 into the laptop and WinAPRS.
> Yes, I put the D710 in TNC mode, and other stations are showing up
> on the WinAPRS map. And if I put a fixed lat/long into WinAPRS and
> "send Position" it will
> send the fixed lat/long.

When the D710 is in TNC mode, it ignores the GPS. There is no
provision for getting GPS data through the radio in that mode.

You will need to plug the GPS into the laptop and get WinAPRS to grab
the GPS data itself.

If however you use APRS-ISCE/32 written by Lynn Deffenbaugh, you can
leave the D710 in APRS mode, where the GPS is passed through to the
data port on the back of the control head. Lynn's program will accept
the APRS data as well as understand the position data being passed
through the port, and show it on screen.

I might add that the program is far superior to the WinAPRS
application, and it's also free... did I mention it is under active
development as well?

It's a great program, and the author is very responsive to feature
requests. (Just downloaded yet another development release about an
hour ago).



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