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Sat Dec 11 14:17:49 CST 2010

Hi all:
I've been lurking here for a while. I have
a question that will,
doubtless, be so obvious that it never needs to
come up on the forum.

I am just getting started with APRS. I
have built, and used, a tracker (Argent's OT1). and I have a TNC (an old
MFJ) a GPS (Magellan hand held with NMEA serial output), and a laptop
(Dell Inspiron 8600). I understand that these are most of the bits and
pieces i need. My question regards running APRS for more than just
beaconing. Some of the new radios have all this functionality built in,
but I'm working on a budget and need to use the old stuff I already

My goal is to be able to run a mapping program while
mobile that shows my location and updates as I move. It should also plot
the stations around me and post any messages addressed to my call. I
currently run DeLorme with this GPS and I like the mapping capability. I
am not adverse to using another program to integrate the APRS
functionality if need be.

As I said at the outset, this is
probably REAL basic to some of you. I, however, am a newbie. Any
recommendations as to software, hardware and any other things that might
lead me along would e greatly appreciated.

Thanks and 73;

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