[aprssig] Low power APRS digi that allows additional data

Dale Mosby dale at archcape.com
Sat Dec 11 19:15:36 CST 2010

I help maintain a solar powered repeater in the Oregon coast range. This
has 4 decent sized solar panels, 2 meter repeater and link radio to
another repeater. Power is a concern as it is quite cloudy in the

I would like to put an APRS digipeater at the site. I have a crystal
controlled 2 meter HT that I can use for the APRS radio. This one was
chosen due to the low power draw. Intent is to fill in some APRS and
also get data down from the site.

I would like recommendations on a low power device to serve as the APRS
digipeater. In addition to supporting APRS I would like to be able to
send data out. Plan would be to use something like the Atmel AVR
microprocessor to monitor some site data (light intensity, xmit on time,
temp) and send that out periodically. Later I'll add some more weather
data as time allows.

I know the APRS spec as provision to send arbitrary data. What is
somewhat unclear is if there is an off the shelf APRS digi unit that
will allow a properly formatted input stream to be input from some other
microprocessor tacked on.

Any pointers or hardware suggestions appreciated.

73, Dale, K7FW

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