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[aprssig] [amsat-bb] TH-D72A for satellites (and everything else)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Dec 7 21:13:46 UTC 2010

> I own the D7(G) and living in the Metro NY...
> area makes it impossible to TX....  The point
> that I'm taking is that advertising APRS 
> capability on an HT for most of us is not happening.

You are right that that has nothing to do with TX.  The HT can
hear everything that any other station can hear.  The problem is
that all the APRS folk around you are mind-locked into APRS as
vehicle tracking only, and are not putting out any useful info
for the other 99% who don't give a hoot where those guys are.

> Is your opinion that  APRS with this HT is intended
> for base use having a good antenna or in a rural 
> location.   

The solution for HT's anywhwere and especially in dense APRS
area is to have APRS folk put up digi-receivers on 144.99 that
listen for HT's only with NO congestion.  THen any HT gets in
easily by just operating 144.39 +600 (if available in your

> it appears  to me that a steady stream of positions
> is taking away the intended purpose of APRS, and
> [blocks] ... emergency ... Portable

So true. Even the POSITION folks don't get it.  APRS was NEVER
for maintaing accurate TRACKS on people.  There is NO WAY for
400 local commuters to share a single 1200 baud channel, NOT
EVEN 10.  The point of APRS POSITIONS is simply for showing
WHERE someone is in the APRS network for the purpose of

But all those trackers, and egos and high rates and
peg-every-turn applications kill the channel for everyone else.
Sure, high rate tracking has a value at special events.  BUT NOT

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