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[aprssig] WiFi APRS traveler

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Dec 11 21:37:55 UTC 2010

>> I was flying Air-Tran the other day with 
>> free WiFi on the flight (this month only).

> Delta also offered free in-flight WiFi...
> I started PocketAPRS on my iPad and ...
> It placed me right smack in the middle of 
> Minneapolis/St.Paul Airport.... where the 
> gw IP-address was registered.

Similar.  When I checked into APRS.FI on my Baltimore to Atlanta flight I was astonished for APRS.FI to come up on Atlanta, exactly where I wanted to see... I was puzzled thinking, how did it know that?  THen I too realized that that is the main airport for AirTran and so that is where APRS.FI found the IP address...

Anyway, I asked Hessu if he could add the ability for me to put my position on APRS.FI for such a situation and in a few hours, it was done.

So, you can logonto APRS.FI and enter your position. Only people on the APRS-IS of course can see it...

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