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[aprssig] WiFi APRS traveler

Heikki Hannikainen hessu at hes.iki.fi
Sat Dec 11 22:58:02 UTC 2010

On Sat, 11 Dec 2010, Bob Bruninga  wrote:

> Anyway, I asked Hessu if he could add the ability for me to put my 
> position on APRS.FI for such a situation and in a few hours, it was 
> done.
> So, you can logonto APRS.FI and enter your position. Only people on the 
> APRS-IS of course can see it...

Sorry, but I have to remind that aprs.fi does not transmit anything to the 
APRS-IS, so the upload will be visible to aprs.fi users only. But that's 
something already.

I'm not sending anything to the APRS-IS, because a huge portion of aprs.fi 
visitors are not amateurs, and I have no way to validate which of them 
are, or are not.

Anyway, here are the instructions to use it:


If your web browser supports the Geolocation API (iphone, ipad, android 
devices with GPS, even new Firefox on a laptop with a WLAN), you can 
utilize that for uploading exact positions (or to just center the map on 
your current position without publishing it to the world):


   - Hessu

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