[aprssig] OpenTracker USB released

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Wed Dec 15 16:01:24 CST 2010

I'm pleased to announce that the new OpenTracker USB is now shipping!


The new tracker is basically a Tracker2 without the digipeater and 
Garmin protocol functions, but with a full-speed USB port that can be 
used for configuration, command prompt access, and KISS mode, 
independent of the two regular serial ports.

This means you get remote control capability, a TNC2-style command 
prompt, scripting, weather station support, KISS mode, and the ability 
to do all of this simultaneously without reloading the firmware.

There's also space inside for a GT-525 GPS receiver module, and we'll be 
offering that with the appropriate jumper a little later as an option.

Demodulation is software-based, and significantly improved over the 
OpenTracker+ - in our testing, it's been very close to MX614-based TNCs 
in decode performance.

Because of the surface mount construction we won't be offering this one 
as a kit.  We'll still be offering the OpenTracker+ as a kit as long as 
we're able to get the parts, but the assembled version will be phased 
out in favor of the new design.

USB support has been tested with Windows 2000/XP, Mac OS X, and Linux. 
We'll be adding INF files for Vista and Windows 7 shortly, but it shows 
up as a generic USB CDC device so drivers are included with the 
operating system.

Documentation is still sparse, but the wiki has the critical 
information.  Nearly all of the information in the Tracker2 manual 
applies, with the exception of the digipeater and Garmin sections.  The 
OTUSB manual should be published by this weekend.

We've got units ready to ship now, and more on the way, so there's still 
time to put it on your Christmas list!



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