[aprssig] I think I found a menu bug when selecting an APRS Path.

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Thu Dec 16 21:08:40 CST 2010


Does it also do it via the TNC interface ?

Like a raw serial session ?

- Andrew -

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Subject: [aprssig] I think I found a menu bug when selecting an APRS Path.

Greetingsā€¦ I have been playing with the radio for a couple of hours and so 
far I like it.

I did run across something strange in the menus and I was hoping someone 
could confirm this for me.

I was in a restaurant having breakfast and I decided I would have my car be 
the first digipeater. I set the path in the D72A to OTHER and set the 
NY4I-15,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2. I was able to set the path and it looked like the 
OTHER path was enabled (on the first men item). The problem is that I left 
the menu and came back and it was set to NEW again.

I also tried it by using the programming software. I set the path and sure 
enough it was OTHER, but when I tried to go back to NEW, it had set back to 

It looks like the path you choose OTHER, NEW, etc) is not "sticking" if you 

Could someone verify this for me?

If it is a real bug, how do we let Kenwood know?


Tom Schaefer, NY4I

PS Not one email about why I would use that path please. This is simply 
asking if someone who has a D72A in their possession can verify what I am 
seeing. :)
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