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Lots of things are possible but not all of those things are legal on amateur radio.  Something to keep in mind: respect the laws of your nation regarding amateur radio use; those laws apply to APRS too.  If you do that, also remember that APRS-IS interconnects networks world-wide (some of those nations have much stricter laws than the nation you reside in) and -all- packets on APRS-IS are potentially viable to be gated to RF in any of those nations.  I agree with Billy; just because it can be done doesn't make it something that should be done (or can even be done legally in some countries).

I am not stating specifically what is and isn't "legal" in any specific country nor am I stating that anything on APRS-IS is "illegal".  I am stating that APRS-IS interconnects amateur radio APRS networks world-wide and consideration of that fact should go into anyone's thought process when attempting to use it for non-amateur radio purposes.  I am also stating that anyone using APRS on their local amateur radio RF are bound by the laws of their country regarding amateur radio and should take that into consideration as well.


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> Because sometimes, and you don't really have to try hard, you can't reliably
> get those services. And because it's possible.
> On Dec 18, 2010, at 8:29, "Billy Mason (E-Lists)" <elists at kd5knr.net> wrote:
> > So when can I expect to see CNN Breaking News and other RSS feeds.
> Seems everyone wants to do everything else on APRS, so what's next.
> >
> > Seriously, it it is already being done commercially, why do we need to
> duplicate it on APRS.
> >
> > Billy Mason

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