[aprssig] DOS MapList Program

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Dec 18 08:32:36 CST 2010

> Bob B. had written a qBasic "MkMapLst.bas" program, 


I can't remember exactlly what that program did, but it couldnt do it as optimally as a human can.  That is, I dont think it could arrange the maps in the descending order of size.  Ill look on Monday to see what I can find.

But maps have to be listed in ZOOM order with larger maps at the top of the list and smaller maps that fit within the larger maps further down the list.  In the finest detail, and for areas that are on the borders of maps one usually has to personalize which particular map best covers that edge area and make sure it is lower than the one above it.
But I guess if you are making a large number of maps, then the program did help by simply making the list.  And probably sorting by size too.

Ill look on monday.

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