[aprssig] DOS MapList Program

Jack Cavanagh cjcav at cox.net
Sat Dec 18 19:54:05 CST 2010

Arte Booten wrote:
> Hi all,
>      Okay, I got the USGS CD.  I got Mk100k41.exe and MapFix.exe.  And 
> I'm now
> in the process of actually making the maps I want ... but forgot that 
> I've got
> to build a MapList for APRSDos to know  that those maps are there and 
> where to
> use them.  Bob B. had written a qBasic "MkMapLst.bas" program, which 
> is listed
> in his documentation, but is not at the TAPR repository.  Someone (and 
> I can't
> recall who) had compiled a DOS executable version of this which could 
> run in a
> "command prompt" session within Window$ XP.   Does anyone have a copy 
> of this,
> or know where I can find it?

> I have attempted to send you both the source code and a stand alone 
> exe file.
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