[aprssig] RC-710 Cheap!

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Dec 25 10:23:30 CST 2010

Jeff, KB2M Passed this along:

> I just saw that HRO has the RC-D710 
> on sale for $149.95 ! You might want 
> to pass this along to anyone you 
> might think would be interested...

You betcha!  Folks, this is the D710 Radio Display head that is completely self-contained APRS.  Just hook it to the speaker and mike jacks (or the DATA DIN connection on the back) of ANY radio, and you have the full capability of the D710.  See how: http://www.aprs.org/D710-HT.html

It turns ANY radio into a D710 with these exceptions:

1) There is no radio control, only APRS entry and display

2) The Display head does not autoamtically know your other voice frequency

3) The Display head cannot instantly tune to someone elses voice frequency beacon.

You can even plug-n-play it into the Din jack of a D-STAR 2820 radio and make it do APRS on one side and Dstar on the other.  

Bob, Wb4APR

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