[aprssig] Advertising HF frequency over vhf APRS

Max Harper kg4pid at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 27 15:46:55 CST 2010

I had an idea that might be useful to others. Over the last couple of months I have installed an Icom 7000 in my car along with a Tarheel screwdriver antenna. Since that combination covers lots of bands, I though it would be nice if someone wanted to contact me, there were a way to advertise what frequency I was on at the time. What I have come up with is a combination of a TT4 along with a pic chip that communicates with the radio, reading the date, time and frequency and sends it to the TT4 as a status message via APRS using a separate radio.  I haven't decided on the proper format for this yet, but for now looks like this;
Monitoring 3.965 Mhz 272110z
The first part is self explanatory with the 272110z being the day of the month and the time in UTC just like position reports and some weather reports. I also thought it would be nice if when the radio is off, it would send a status something like "Radio is OFF" but I haven't added this yet. Any thoughts on this idea?

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