[aprssig] "Best" packet decoder solution

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Mon Dec 27 16:56:16 CST 2010

Dsp ?

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On 28/12/2010, at 2:48, Greg Clark <k7rkt at bigredbee.com> wrote:

> What's the "best" packet decoder out there?
> By "best", I mean the one that has the greatest ability to decode APRS data packets.
> Can be stand-alone (like the D710) or separate unit (like Kantronics TNC)
> Is any one in particular considered the  "gold standard" ?
> How do units like the new Kenwood HT, or small inexpensive ones like the TT4/OT/TNC-X  compare?
> -- Greg K7RKT
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