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[aprssig] Packet length and effect of TXDelay

Ron Stordahl N5IN ronn5in-aprssig at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 23 15:35:09 UTC 2010

Can someone estimate the length of a typical compressed position packet such as 
most mobiles would be sending exclusive of TXDelay and TXTail.  It's the time 
between these two elements that I need, in order to determine the significance 
of adjusting TXDelay and TXTail.  Typical default values are 300 ms and 50 ms.  
Adjustment of the later is usually not offered.  

I get reliable operation of our area UIDIGI's with old Motorola Micors at TXD of 
100, but I am not sure of the impact upon others users ability to decode, nor am 
I sure if the reduction in congestion is all that significant.

Ron, AE5E (ex N5IN)
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