[aprssig] case sensitivity of NSWE in posit reports

VK6 UFO vk6ufo at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 01:21:18 CST 2010

Couple of questions of the nit-picking variety.

Is it fair to say that an APRS uncompressed position report should (or
must?) use N,S,W and E (capitals) to comply with APRS specs, but APRS
applications should be prepared to expect n,s,w and e from APRS stations
anyway? Is it possible that future revisions of the APRS specification will
use the case for some purpose in the same way as it was originally proposed
for the 'operator present' bit?

Is it valid for a station reporting weather to use a symbol that is not
normally recognised as a weather station (eg is it OK to use a digipeater
symbol with a wx report?) Will some APRS applications break if this happens?
Should the wx be decoded and used anyway or should it slip through as a

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