[aprssig] case sensitivity of NSWE in posit reports

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Dec 29 12:07:32 CST 2010

> Is it fair to say that an APRS uncompressed position report 
> should (or must?) use N,S,W and E (capitals) to comply with 
> APRS specs, but APRS applications should be prepared to 
> expect n,s,w and e from APRS stations anyway?


> Is it valid for a station reporting weather to use a symbol 
> that is not normally recognised as a weather station (eg is 
> it OK to use a digipeater symbol with a wx report?)

I would use a WEATHER symbol but then add a "#" overlay and see
if that works.  THen it should show up as a weather station to
all stations looking for weather, but the observant user can see
that it is also well sited for being a digi.


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