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[aprssig] "Best" packet decoder solution

Greg Clark k7rkt at bigredbee.com
Mon Dec 27 16:14:50 UTC 2010

By "decode aprs packets" I mean receiving via RF, AX.25 APRS packets sent
over the air on 2m by real world stations using real world transmitters.

ie, if I set up a bunch of different hardware at my local digipeater site,
which setup is going to successfully decode the most packets?

- Greg

On Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 8:02 AM, Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) <
ldeffenb at homeside.to> wrote:

> By "decode APRS data packets" to you mean decode the ASCII text of a packet
> and glean all useful information from it?
> Or do you mean decode an APRS packet received over-the-air?  Is that 1200
> baud AX.25 on 2m?  9600 baud AX.25 on 2m or 70cm?  300 baud AX.25 on HF (30m
> for instance)?  PSK-63 or GMSK-250 or some-such as done by APRS Messenger?
> And are you referring to decoding a 100% purely transmitted packet with
> perfect deviation and twist (deviation difference between high and low tones
> caused by pre/de-emphasis over the typical audio path) or actual packets
> transmitted by arbitrary stations anywhere on the planet?
> There's way too many variables to give you a simple answer to such a
> general questoin.
> Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
> Greg Clark wrote:
>> What's the "best" packet decoder out there?
>> By "best", I mean the one that has the greatest ability to decode APRS
>> data packets.
>> Can be stand-alone (like the D710) or separate unit (like Kantronics TNC)
>> Is any one in particular considered the  "gold standard" ?
>> How do units like the new Kenwood HT, or small inexpensive ones like the
>> TT4/OT/TNC-X  compare?
>> -- Greg K7RKT
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