[aprssig] Advertising HF frequency over vhf APRS

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Dec 29 13:27:11 CST 2010

Yes!  Been wanting this for years!

> Subject: Announcing HF frequency over vhf APRS
> I have installed an Icom 7000 in my car ...
> I though it would be nice to [announce] what 
> frequency I was on... I have come up with a 
> combination of a TT4 along with a pic chip 
> that communicates with the radio, reading the 
> date, time and frequency and sends it to the 
> TT4 as a status message via APRS using a separate 
> radio.  I haven't decided on the proper 
> format for this yet, but for now looks like this;
> Monitoring 3.965 Mhz 272110z

> Any thoughts on this idea?

Yes, see www.aprs.org/info/freqspec.txt

YES!  Been wanting someone to do this for years!  We have a FREQ
spec already.  But it is part of a position packet.  

Format would be: 003.965MHz Max...

If your mobile has no GPS nor other APRS, then the format would
be a status report:

>003.965MHz Max listening...

If you have a GPS, then it would be nice if your PIC also looked
at the GPS input and formattted a position report with the above
text added on the end...

If the TT4 is already doing all this, then lets talk to Byon so
that he can accept your radio PIC input and the TT4 will
integrate it into its position report...

Something like that.


Can you get your PIC chip to

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