[aprssig] Portable APRS

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Fri Dec 31 00:57:33 CST 2010

Quoting "Steve Noskowicz" <noskosteve at yahoo.com>:

> John,
>   Did you put a call in there? 
> While you can't do all the things an outboard client can do with a   
> bare D710, if someone has any info on the D710 CAT commands (I have

I discovered most of the commands when i got the radio and i made a  
program to find all the commands. With help of a friend and some  
people on the TM_D710 yahoo list we have a more or less complete list  
of commands with parameters.


In the download section there is a excell sheet covering the CAT commands.

I can probably e-mail this of the list too.

anyhow you can control almost everything using CAT on the TM-D710 and  
TH-D72 (uses the same commands but the list is not verified)

Kai Gunter

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