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Phil N6TCT phil_aprssig at lapsley.org
Fri Dec 31 10:57:14 CST 2010

Maybe you're thinking of a different app that PocketPacket?  The
description seems to put it spot-on as an APRS client; it sounds similar
to iAPRS except that it adds an actual modem (1200 bps AFSK modulator
and demodulator) for use on-air instead of just APRS-IS.  Quoting from
the description:

"PocketPacket is an APRS client for your iPhone/iPod Touch. The
"Automatic Position Reporting System" is a packet communication protocol
used by amateur radio operators (HAMs) around the world, to report
position, status, station capabilities, weather or other information in
real time. PocketPacket incorporates a software-based TNC, allowing you
to directly capture and visualize 1200 baud packets (AFSK modulation)
using a VHF radio transceiver. On the other hand, you can also get
packets over the Internet, by selecting one of the available Tier 2
servers of the global APRS-IS network. Incoming data is presented on a
map, as most packets define some object, with a specific symbol and
location. By selecting a symbol, you can view the latest information
sent for the corresponding object, as well as the raw packets that
produced it. All available objects are also shown in a list, which
allows you to search for the ones you are looking for. With PocketPacket
you can follow the status of the APRS network from everywhere - monitor
moving objects, get real time weather reports directly from local
stations and more. Now, with an iPhone/iPod Touch and PocketPacket, you
can have a full-fledged picture of packet activity in a small, portable
package - ideal for field work or the ham shack."

Phil, N6TCT

Eric Hansen wrote:
> [PocketPacket] reads like it is a general purpose TNC, for all bands,
> not something APRS specific. I have iAPRS on my phone right now, it
> allows access to the APRS-IS as a viewer, and if you have an OpenAPRS
> account, you can post your position to the IS. Planned future
> improvements are smart beaconing and full two way APRS support through
> the IS gated to RF. With AT&T's coverage and reliability though, only
> using the IS relegates it to toy status.
> On Fri, Dec 31, 2010 at 11:21 AM, Phil N6TCT <phil_aprssig at lapsley.org
> <mailto:phil_aprssig at lapsley.org>> wrote:
>     There is an actual APRS app for the iphone called "PocketPacket". 
>     By "actual" I mean one that actually squawks and decodes audio
>     packets: the TNC and modem are done in software on the iphone, so
>     no external TNC hardware is needed.  It's $4.99.  So to my mind,
>     PocketPacket plus a cable between your iphone and a small 2-meter
>     HT and you've got the smallest, cheapest portable APRS station
>     with a smartphone UI.  Disclaimer: I have not used PocketPacket
>     (hope to play with it this weekend, in fact); reviews on the apple
>     store indicate that it's still in development and has bugs and
>     missing features, blah blah.
>     http://www.appstorehq.com/pocketpacket-iphone-94648/app
>     Phil, N6TCT
>     Eric Hansen wrote:
>>     www.byonics.com <http://www.byonics.com> makes the Tiny Trak
>>     series of TNCs. They have several dumb tracker solutions on
>>     various PCBs. The radio from the 10w AIO, a TT3 or 4 TNC, and
>>     someone to write an apple store app would make the smallest
>>     solution i've been able to think of.
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