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[aprssig] case sensitivity of NSWE in posit reports

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Wed Dec 29 18:22:56 UTC 2010

Robert Bruninga wrote:
> I would use a WEATHER symbol but then add a "#" overlay and see
> if that works.  THen it should show up as a weather station to
> all stations looking for weather, but the observant user can see
> that it is also well sited for being a digi.

I wonder how many APRS clients treat only the _ in the primary table as 
a "weather station" even though the alternate table _ is defined as a 
"No. WX Stn"?  I've just fixed my APRS parser to treat primary, 
alternate, and overlayed _ symbols as weather stations with respect to 
parsing weather data from them.

Thanks for the clarification and trigger for me to go see how I'd be 
handling an overlayed weather station.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
(Trying to keep up with the subtleties...)

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