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[aprssig] KPC3+ issues

Keith VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Wed Dec 29 22:01:45 UTC 2010

Phillip ZL2TZE wrote...

> If what is being stated here is correct, has any one contacted Kantronics 
> and mentioned it to them that the KPC3+ has this problem with some test
> results. If so what was Kantronics reply..

I contacted them, and I know that others have done so to. My recollection
was that they wanted more proof documenting the delays. I've got to admit
that I didn't follow it up and try to be more forceful at the time. I and others
that I'm in direct contact with have observed the delays taking place. I used
timestamped position reports during the testing. Another KPC3+ user with
it connected to Xastir called on he radio when the TNC spat out the delayed
report. It has probably been a couple of years since I was in touch with them.
I think it will take a lot more than just me bugging them. Perhaps if they got
hundreds of reports...

> Surely there are truckloads of these KPC3+s out there and if they are
> causing these delays within the APRS network Kantronics would want to
> investigate the problem surely ! Is it hardware or firmware? can any one 
> confirm. Is there any one on here testing the KPC3+ to see what / why etc
> this is happening ??

The KPC3 and KPC3+ were almost the "gold standard" for TNCs for years.
At first, I thought it was only the latest 9.1 firmware that was responsible, but
someone using an older version (8.2 or 8.3?) reported delays too. Again, I
have observed these delays myself. It seems that it can operate in KISS mode
for a period of time. It seems that it happens more often when the frequency
is busy, so that might explain in part why some people say they have never
seen the problem. They could be located somewhere that the frequency was
so quiet that a bump in the power or a Windows update / reboot took place
before their TNC started introducing delays. Speculation, but I can only go
on my own observations.

It would be nice if Kantronics would fix the problem, but as much as I like
the KPCII, KPC3 and KPC3+, I probably won't be getting any more. I think
I'll be sticking with the OT2m, T2-135, T2-301 and OTUSB serieis instead.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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