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[aprssig] Portable APRS

Phil N6TCT phil_aprssig at lapsley.org
Fri Dec 31 16:21:24 UTC 2010

There is an actual APRS app for the iphone called "PocketPacket".  By
"actual" I mean one that actually squawks and decodes audio packets: the
TNC and modem are done in software on the iphone, so no external TNC
hardware is needed.  It's $4.99.  So to my mind, PocketPacket plus a
cable between your iphone and a small 2-meter HT and you've got the
smallest, cheapest portable APRS station with a smartphone UI. 
Disclaimer: I have not used PocketPacket (hope to play with it this
weekend, in fact); reviews on the apple store indicate that it's still
in development and has bugs and missing features, blah blah.


Phil, N6TCT

Eric Hansen wrote:
> www.byonics.com <http://www.byonics.com> makes the Tiny Trak series of
> TNCs. They have several dumb tracker solutions on various PCBs. The
> radio from the 10w AIO, a TT3 or 4 TNC, and someone to write an apple
> store app would make the smallest solution i've been able to think of.
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