[aprssig] APRS RFID apps?

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Feb 7 23:24:37 CST 2010

Now that we realize we can make APRS track anyone with a $2 credit card RFID in his boot, I have been wearing this credit card in my shoe for a week and can't even tell it is there any longer (after the first hour or so...)

But what for?  I had some sample ideas, and figured once we figured out how to do it, an avalanche of other applications would pop up...  But after a week or so, I'm making little progress.  Here are the only apps I have come up with:

1) At clubhouse door
2) at EOC door (city, county and state)
3) At local HAM store
4) At Dayton doors in each room
5) Just for fun with a mat in front of your fleamarket space to see who walks by?

Of local ham events, I also don't see an immediate app.  The hams dont move much.  The event participants do.  And they are either in the thousands (runs) or out of reach... (or already have RFID (MARATHONS).

Although a few of the dedicated volunteers that show up at all EOC tests might consider it, I cant see getting more than a yawn from the rest of a club...

Any other knock-em-dead apps I'm missing?


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