[aprssig] 3' snow emergency dumb idea...

Lee Mushel herbert3 at centurytel.net
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I guess I just don't understand how anyone could find snow a difficult thing 
to deal with.   I will admit that in the distant past I did have to go 
through a learning experience and I do live with a driveway that is about 
1,600 ft. long and the county hiway is 103 feet below the level of the house 
but I've found that a simple inverter generator to take care of the shack, a 
15 Kw generac Guardian for the rest of the house, a very large walk-behind 
snow blower and a 4 wheel drive Polaris Utility Vehicle with snow plow and 
chains along with a substantial web of ice dam melting wires on the roof 
eliminates most problems.   I start the winter with 16 cords of firewood no 
more than 30 ft. from the back door where the wheelbarrow rests.  Thus I 
find I have plenty of time and energy for mastering this Depiction software 
I recently bought.


Lee  K9WRU   WD2XSH/32
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> Stupidest Emergecny power Idea for me ever...
> With 2'-3' snow forcast, I parked my Prius down at the street end of my 
> driveway so it would be easy to get out.  Went inside.. after suffering 
> through a few hours of my wife's media induced hand wringing and hysteria 
> over possible loss of power and other end of the world scenarios, I 
> assured her that the Prius would power the house - no problem...
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