[aprssig] 3' snow emergency dumb idea...(response)

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Feb 8 10:50:02 CST 2010

>> that way my 12' male-to-male "emergency power" 
>> cord could connect the two directly...
> Shame on you!... a totally unsafe practice such as this.

I do not see anything unsafe about it.  Never any exposed electricity.  Any fool can do it.

1) Turn off main breaker
2) Plug in male-to-male into house
3) Plug in male-to-male into car inverter
4) Turn on inverter switch.

When power returns to neighborhood, reverse the steps.  Nothing unsafe about it in any way. 

We trust 100 million people a day to drive 2000 pound missles at each other with a closing speed of over 120 MPH and certain death aimed to just miss each other by 4 to 6 feet in the most legalized game of "chicken" on earth (our highways).  And there are enough fools there to kill over 1000 people a day (just guessing)...  Life is full of risk...

I think we can trust most people to not stick their tongue on a frozen pump handle or to energize an exposed circuit and then lick their fingers and TOUCH BOTH prongs.

> [Signed] Rick ...
> "Those who would give up essential Liberty, 
> to purchase a little temporary Safety, 
> deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Purchasing a little "safety" (dont play with electricity) by giving up the "liberty" of having emergency power for my family, and then sitting on my wringing hands in the cold is not my way of living.  I trust hams (on this list) to have a modicum of common sense.

In this weather disaster affecting over 8 million people in the area of our nation's capital, I was disgusted at the media and population.  The radio news is carrying nothing but warnings telling folks to just sit tight, and if they are without power, call the power company (repeatedly) until power is restored.  Then every 15 minutes, they read off the list of phone numbers for the 8 utility companies in the area.

Then they get hysterical women on the phone complaining just 6 hours into the storm why the city had not plowed their street.  And why the power company is so heartless to leave them without power..  And why THEIR power is not being addressed immediately (not caring about the other 250,000 homes, hospitals, and emergency services without power).

THen the media get these "experts" on the phone to warn people without power to "wear mittens, and a hat, and if needed, wrap up in a blanket", but dont use a gas stove, or emergency generator, or fire in your fireplace, etc... because you could hurt or kill  yourswelf.  ad nauseum.  NOT ONE HINT of "get out there, and shovel YOURSELF out, and HELP your neighbor, and CLEAR the street so emergency personnel and the power company can get to where they need to go!

The approach of just sit in your cold house on your hands, and dial the power company emergency number until power is restored is just not my way of living.

Bob Bruninga, Wb4APR

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