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[aprssig] APRS RFID reader?

Richard Amirault ramirault at verizon.net
Tue Feb 2 13:48:00 UTC 2010

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Wes Johnston, AI4PX"

> Ohh, one question....
> How do you know if someone is coming or going?
> If I cross the threshold of the ham club and trigger and RFID, how do you
> know I didn't get in my car and drive away?    Or am in the EOC at the
> radio?

Easy ... if you are not there .. and you trigger the sensor .. then you 
*are* there.

If after you are there .. you once again trigger the sensor .. then you are 
*not* there.

Richard Amirault
Boston, MA, USA

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