[aprssig] 3' snow emergency (generators)

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Feb 8 11:17:08 CST 2010

> As do backup generators for backup power!

Yes, That is the main point of my emergency power approach.

See http://www.aprs.org/FD-Prius-Power.html

I am trying to show how the trend is towards electrification of the commuter's transportation system in America over the coming decade, and that we hams who like self-sufficiency need to consider that many of our cars will not just be transportation, but also energy systems.

My salvage Prius has a 50 KW motor/generator at 220 volts and an integrated 50 Hp gas engine also.  Plus a large 220 VDC battery all seamless woven together.  I can use it for energy production, heat, energy storage, and since I use it every day for transportation, I know it will always work when I need it.

Aside from the 220 VDC that I can run all my electronics on (that have modern switching supplies), I specifically chose to use the 12v system to provide the source for the emergency 115 VAC (1 kW) system so that anyone could do it on any car, not just a prius.

In this day and age (and our particular local reliable local power company) it makes no sense for me to invest in a big backyard noisey generator.  First because our power only goes out for 1 or 2 days every 5 to 10 years and second, most such generators never work when you need them unless you spend an inordinate amount of maintenance and effort and have gas lying around the house to power it.  

I prefer to just plug into the car.  1Kw is enough to power the frige, lights (CFL's), and the blower on the oil heater.
Plus I take this emergency power system with me everywhere I go... nice for ham events, etc...

Others needs are different.  But I offer this for others in similar situatinos to mine who may have overlooked the energy systems in their car as something they need to integrate into their emergency planning.  I will update the above web page when I can to focus more on the 12v-115VAC inverter system.

I am also hard-over on home solar power though "cityhall" is fighting me all the way.  See my home-solar page:

Solar power is ORDERS of magnitude more practical and economical than it was just a few years ago!  Dont be caught sleeping like I was.... but then... only if you have lots of solar exposure...

Bob, Wb4APR

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