[aprssig] 3' snow emergency (generators)

Richard Amirault ramirault at verizon.net
Mon Feb 8 12:15:52 CST 2010

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From: "Bob Bruninga "
> In this day and age (and our particular local reliable local power 
> company) it makes no sense for me to invest in a big backyard noisey 
> generator.  First because our power only goes out for 1 or 2 days every 5 
> to 10 years and second, most such generators never work when you need them 
> unless you spend an inordinate amount of maintenance and effort and have 
> gas lying around the house to power it.
Once again (;-) Bob over generalizes.  What makes you think you need "an 
inordinate amount of maintenance" for a backup generator?

Run the darn thing once a month for a half hour or so. Change the oil once a 
year. Keep an extra air filter and spark plug on hand. And keep fresh gas 
on-hand. That isn't hard to do. I have a 5 gallon gas can that I fill and 
add Sta-Bil. After a month or two I change it out by dumping it into my car 
and filling the can again. Since I was going to put gas in the car anyway it 
does not cost me an extra cent (except for the cost of the Sta-Bil)

> I prefer to just plug into the car.  1Kw is enough to power the frige, 
> lights (CFL's), and the blower on the oil heater.
> Plus I take this emergency power system with me everywhere I go... nice 
> for ham events, etc...
Except if the power goes out at home while you are away at an event.

BUT, I must say, you are better prepared than 99% of the rest of us ... 
except that double male cord is a disaster waiting to happen.

PS. I use this method for my snow blower as well (I don't "store" it for the 
summer months) I have an over ten year old snow blower without electric 
start. I keep "fresh" gas in it all the time (not over 30 days old .. and it 
has been treated with Sta-Bil as well)  It starts on the first pull 95% of 
the time. I run it once a month 'till the gas runs out. Re-fill it with gas 
bought (and treated) that day .. just enough to run for 15-20 min the next 
month. Of course in the winter things are a bit different .. but still no 
old gas gets left in it.

Boston, MA, USA

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