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[aprssig] 3' snow emergency dumb idea...

david Vanhorn kc6ete at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 16:02:32 UTC 2010

You've obviously not had to deal with 'sierra cement'.  A bulldozer works.

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Mark Cheavens wrote:

Snow blowers work well for moving snow. Much easier.

- As do backup generators for backup power!


It had to be said.



At 11:29 PM 2/7/2010, you wrote:

>Stupidest Emergecny power Idea for me ever...


>With 2'-3' snow forcast, I parked my Prius down at the street end of 

>my driveway so it would be easy to get out.  Went inside.. after 

>suffering through a few hours of my wife's media induced hand 

>wringing and hysteria over possible loss of power and other end of 

>the world scenarios, I assured her that the Prius would power the 

>house - no problem...

>See: www.aprs.org/alternative-energy.html


>To show I was doing everything possible, I even went out to pre-run 

>the extension cord from the Prius to the house breaker 

>box...  Looking for the right cord, I could either use a 50' cord 

>that was too short or a 100 foot one that was too long.


>Thinking I didn't want to give up any voltage drop... I came up with 

>the IDEA of backing the Prius right up to the garage where the 

>breaker panel is, and that way my 12' male-to-male "emergency power" 

>cord could connect the two directly without needing any long 

>cords...  The wife would see that I had done SOMETHING in 

>preparation, And it would make a nice picture if we used it.


>Wind blew, snow flew... power remained for me and you..




>And then for the next 18 hours I got to shovel a 100' long by 8' 

>wide by 3' deep driveway to get the Prius out....


>I think I'll go with the 100' #12 cord next time instead.


>As backgroud, the second laughable tale was the euphoric mood we 

>were in as we prepared for the snow... firewood, DVD movies, milk, 

>snacks, chips, popcorn, toilet paper....  As two people with 

>overburdened busy lives we were looking forward to 3 days straight 

>at home with NO OTHER DEMANDS.  We were young again...


>Then spent all 3 days digging out (100' of driveway, plus the 

>culdesac), protecting an acre of plants from breaking under the 

>snow, chain-sawing broken limbs across access routes, continuously 

>cleaning and  moping up the water tracked in on every excursion, 

>removing snow from over 200sqft of solar panels, making contraptions 

>to get the snow off the roof in preparation for the next 5" of snow 

>forcast in 2 days, etc, etc...


>Then collapsing in exhaustion..


>Bob, WB4APR



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