[aprssig] 3' snow emergency dumb idea...(response)

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I applaud bobs mcguyvering in spirit, but if it's about being prepared, then why not prepare to do it the right way? 

To whoever else that was, widebanding a radio doesn't carry a risk of getting someone killed.  

If your utility people catch you doing this, you should expect to be disconnected, last to be reconnected, and possibly arrested.

The double male cord is like jumper cables.. 'perfectly safe' as long as you don't make any mistakes.  (except for that time the battery exploded when I connected the ground cable.. Static charge I'm guessing)

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Rudy Benner wrote:

A licensed electrician can do many things that 
would normally be considered illegal, but only when he is in attendance. He then 
also takes responsibility.
I have 2 trade tickets, both with the 
interprovincial seal. I have 40 years in the trade. I work mainly on industrial 
I have a legal obligation to rat out anyone who 
back feeds into the realm of Hydro. Electrical Inspectors just LOVE hearing 
about stuff like this, as do Fire Marshalls.
The hydro boys are very safety conscious, they need 
to be, many have been killed over the years. All these silly laws are the result 
of casualties.
You can do what you want, so long as you prepared 
to face the consequences, and you have lots of insurance and/or a good 

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Ask the power 
  company how safe they think it is..  Some lineman is risking his life on 

It is not very often a lineman works on a dead circuit.
  they treat all circuits as live. If not they are shorted.
I also have a 
  suicide cord for my house. I have one master breaker that disconnect the 
It is then my responsibility.
As far as legality, does 
  widebanding a radio come under that. 



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