[aprssig] 3' snow emergency (generators)

Daron Wilson daron at wilson.org
Mon Feb 8 20:15:16 CST 2010

> What has thermostats got to do with it? Thermostats for house heating
> are
> not connected across 110 vac but use low voltage instead.

That is completely incorrect.  Electric heat can be baseboard radiant
heaters or electric in the wall heaters, both of which are very typically
controlled by 'line voltage' thermostats that drop the entire heater load
onto the line.

No one should be recommending illegal and dangerous procedures for the
masses.  Do what you need to do to survive, those of us with electrical
licenses often connect to and use electricity in ways that the untrained
user should not.  I have a nice receptacle with flexible leads and large
alligator clips so I can power things off of almost any electrical source on
the job as needed.  However, I would never recommend the equipment to

Now, please, can we get back to APRS?  This is utterly ridiculous.

73 Daron N7HQR

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