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[aprssig] Snow, Back-feed, Shocking things

Tom Mandera tsm1 at tmcom.com
Mon Feb 8 21:04:40 UTC 2010

How is a transfer switch significantly different from disconnecting the
main breaker (which could have failed and be passing electricity even when
off, but uncommon) before plugging on the backup power?

The fact that the transfer switch is essentially SPDT makes it better than
using two SPST switches? The advantage must be primarily in making sure
that even an idiot couldn't screw it up in operation.

As much of a hazard as back feeding a "dead" line presents to the lineman,
the other problem is being out of phase with the utility power and causing
issues there.

That's why they sell grid-tie inverters that sync up with the power company.

Sounds like Bob should look into an Outback grid-tie w/ battery backup

Most days, run it as a grid-tie and back-feed the grid, but when the power
goes down, you have one or two 20amp circuits fed from a few standby

Plug your Prius directly into the 'battery' side of the inverter and
you'll have everything covered.

No need for a transfer switch, either.

Now, hopefully I'll have better luck building my OT+ cables for my FT-2800
tonight, for PTT MicE operation..


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